Why Packaging?

Over the years food packaging has changed.  As society has grown and learned, we have become more dependent on easy packaging and fast right now availability.  But to what cost?  Is this the right way?

Approximately 2.5 kilos of rubbish a day is produced by each individual in the UK.  And about half a kilo of that is recyclable. That would mean your average 4 person family creates 11 kilos of rubbish a day, and recycles 2 of it.  It's approximately 20% of your daily rubbish that ends up in recycling, a good place to start.

The British Plastics Federation says that 50% of plastic packaging is recycled. So perhaps things are moving in the right direction, and more companies and organizations are becoming aware of the plastic problem, and are making changes. (reference: www.bpf.co.uk).

We are making changes.  We are trying to find the best option for you and for the environment.  We have switched our bags to ones that are recyclable, and therefore if you don't reuse it you can place it in the recycle bin.  This is a step in the right direction.

We are attempting to source out different options, that keep the coffee safe and fresh and keep the environment in mind.  After all the glove and mask wearing over the last year, we at coffeebuzz.co.uk think that this is a smart change to make.

Well we hope that you are continuing to enjoy the best cup of coffee ever.  Straight from our roasters to your door.