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Kenya AA Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Kenya AA Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

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The coffee industry of Kenya is highly noted for its cooperative system of production and processing of its coffees. In fact, about 70% of Kenyan coffee is produced on small estates.

The major coffee growing areas in Kenya are located in the high plateaus around Mount Kenya. It's acidic soil provides excellent coffee growing conditions, and produces coffee of the mild Arabica type. And it is well known for its intense flavour and full body.

Our Kenya AA is the highest grade coffee from the region. Prized as one of the worlds great coffees with its bright aromatic flavour. This coffee is a favourite among British coffee drinkers.

All our coffees are hand-roasted in small batches of less than 10kg at a time and are personally selected by our master coffee roaster and connoisseur.

100% Arabica

We are always happy to provide your beans ready-ground free of charge. Please select how you would like your beans ground.

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