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We offer over 20 varieties of single origin and custom blended coffee beans from around the world, each of which is roasted by hand in small batches.

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What is Small Batch Coffee?

Small batch coffee roasting is what is sounds like, coffee hand-roasted in small batches of five kilos or less.

Taking the time to make sure the beans are not under-roasted, not over-roasted, a problem commercial supermarket coffees can have.

Small batch coffee is not like the supermarket. It is coffee that is roasted when you order it. You get it fresh and at it's best.

Our coffee doesn't get roasted and then shipped to a large packing facility, costing extra food miles.

Our coffee doesn't get roasted and then sit on the shelves for months waiting to be purchased, slowly losing it's flavour and taste.

Our coffee is roasted, cooled, packed and sent straight to you.

So enjoy our small batch roasted coffee and may you never be the same again.

Coffeebuzz team