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What is Small Batch Coffee?

Small batch coffee roasting is what is sounds like. Batches of coffee roasted in small batches, 5 kilos or less.

Taking the time to make sure the beans are not under-roasted and not over-roasted, a problem larger batches can have.

Small batch coffee is not like the supermarket. It is coffee that is roasted as you order it, making it fresh and at it's best for the most amount of time.

Our coffee doesn't get roasted and then shipping to a large packing facility, costing food miles and whatnot.

Our coffee doesn't get roasted and then sit in bags and on the shelves for months waiting to be purchased, slowly losing its flavour and taste.

Our coffee is roasted, cooled, packed and sent. By the time it reaces you it has "seasoned" for the correct amount of days and is perfect.

So enjoy our small batch roasted coffe, and may you never be the same again.