About Us

Our passion for great coffee started at a small cafe in 1989 in Los Angeles, California on the well known street, Melrose Ave.  The bold idea that the best coffee and tea drinks could be created and served had not really been done yet.  It slowly became an art form, one that has expanded and evolved as we have. Personally crafting thousands of beverages from light and airy cappuccinos,  to bold caffe lattes and rich mocha coffees, our coffee experts taste grew even more developed and skilled.

Moving to the heart of West Sussex in 2004, we experimented with different blends and roasts, mixing them correctly and roasting them well and in small batches, brought out the finest flavours and tastes, and an already well developed and skilled eye, got even better. Coffeebuzz was born.

We were among the earliest small batch roasters to embrace e-commerce and have been distributing the worlds finest coffees through our online shop ever since.

Our Roast Master has over 30 years experience and understands the delicate nuances of each and every one of our coffees on offer.  This is what sets us apart from the rest.  

We have now coined our own term for it, Boutique Coffee Roasting, one we think describes the love of coffee and bringing it to you fresh and ready to brew, while remembering that we are family owned and operated and care about the small and important things in our daily lives.